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Awaken your sensuality and prepare to be showered with irresistibility...

Visualise this; an elegant, beautiful woman with fiery red hair slipping on a bath robe and tying a loose not around her waist. She prowls around her boudoir with grace and confidence. She is sitting at her oak dressing table, gazing in the mirror whilst artfully applying her deep ruby red lipstick. Selected not on a whim but to enhance her green eyes and match her glossy nails. She feels empowered, sexy, invigorated, and alive.

THIS is the very essence of our Chique Wakefield Studio! We are all about you.

We understand that everyone deserves to feel empowered, strong, adventurous and content in their own skin – much like that fiery red-head we all respect.

Chique Wakefield Studio
Wakefield Studio Make-up Artists
Wakefield Studio Reception
Our tremendous team of professional makeup artists, hair stylists and female photographers will transform and capture you looking radiant, whether you choose to go it alone or surround yourself with friends, family and loved ones.

The Wakefield Experience is warm, glamorous, intoxicating and unlike anything else – the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot!

Wandering from room to room you’ll soon be overcome with a feeling of sensuality as each space has been lovingly decorated in sophisticated, vintage inspired furnishings. Lavish, deep colours adorn and complement the light, airy building beautifully. The high ceilings, state-of-the-art finishes and wide variety of unique props available to incorporate into your look, all equate to two things – the ultimate photography experience and a day you will treasure forever.

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How do I find you?

Chique Wakefield

Centred in the heart of Wakefield, within Kirkgate Train Station (WF1 4EL)
Our prime location means you have the perfect excuse to show off that fabulous new look!

SO, GO ON! Paint the town red – ruby red! Remember, the pavement is the ultimate catwalk and the entire world is a stage…

Should you wish to call us to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 0871 941 0090. Chique Photography The Kirkgate train station, Wakefield WF1 4EL